I often work with people or on a project briefly and I thought I’d give you a few examples so I could show you these books.

Dr Roger Pierce wrote a book that friends and relatives were keen to read. He wanted to provide access to it so it was easy to download but didn’t want to spend a lot as he wasn’t going to market it to try and increase sales in any way.

My task was to take his manuscript, do a quick format on it (it was quite short) and then deal with uploading the files to his Amazon KDP account. He had also made the cover himself and as he only wanted the book available as an eBook the whole project took a matter of a few hours.

I imagine there are many people out there with stories they have written who could do something similar.

Next, is a one-off book I produced as a present. I was contacted by Devon Myatt’s aunt who wanted to make Devon’s poetry and art into a book that she could give her for Christmas. Nice idea. This was a case of getting the formatting right and then using some of Devon’s art as a cover. I remember making quite a few amendments (and altering artwork is not my strength at all!) to get Amazon to accept the cover.

I dealt with uploading it all to Amazon and it was published, one copy ordered and then it was unpublished. There will still be a page for it somewhere on Amazon but it can’t be ordered.

I thought this was a lovely idea for a gift.

Lastly, via the power of Zoom, I had a couple of sessions answering many questions from author Nikki Rodwell as she set about independently publishing her powerful memoir, Catch Me If I Fall: How Mental Health Broke My Back but It Didn’t Break Me. Nikki is a great one for research so already knew a lot but then there is a lot to learn in this business, so she still had questions.

She then went through a trying time to get her book finished off and published. It was quite stressful I believe, and I imagine should she read this she will roll her eyes at that understatement. In fact, at one point, she was heard to mutter, “Never again!” However, much like when you give birth, Nikki has forgotten all the challenges, caught the bug and is writing a fiction trilogy. I believe she can’t wait to get to the publishing part this time!

If you have any small project I could help you with please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.


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