Georgia Rose has turned to the darker side of suspense with her latest series, A Shade Darker. On the 1st February 2023 we published the second in this series, Shape of Revenge.

His secret’s revealed… Her revenge is silent…

A woman wronged. Her husband a cheat. Can she get her revenge without him realising he’s being punished?

Sharon Beesley, owner of Sharon’s Stores, discovers by chance the secret life her husband Eric is living, and once she begins to take her revenge, she finds she’s unable to stop.

Meanwhile, their schoolgirl daughter Daisy follows the tempting trail of breadcrumbs left by a much older man. But when they meet, all is not what it seems. And no one knows where she is.

With Daisy in trouble and her parents distracted by their own problems, everyone is surprised when help comes from an unlikely place. As does retribution…

Shape of Revenge is a gripping domestic thriller. If you like character-driven action, suspenseful storytelling and unexpected twists then you’ll love this exciting novel.

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Shape of Revenge is available as an eBook as well as beautiful paperback and hardback. It is available across all the platforms worldwide. You can also get it from any bookshop by giving them the appropriate ISBN below:

ISBN: (paperback) 978-1-915665-03-4

ISBN: (hardback) 978-1-915665-04-1

We saw the production of this book through from scruffy manuscript to polished book and are delighted with the result. It really is a beauty and there is even a map, which is a nice addition that will be in each of the books in this series.



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