I absolutely loved working on this project. Cherry Foster, proud mother of the Fab Four and loving grandmother of all her precious grandchildren, wanted to produce something that would tell her family about her life.

She wrote this delightful autobiography over quite a few years. It came to nearly 70,000 words and stretched to 225 pages, with photos. It is also square which suited the way the photos were put together, montage style, and it is very much a coffee table sort of book. Lovely to pick up and flick through.

The photos are fabulous. Starting in black and white and progressing to colour they capture Cherry and her family from an early age (as she is shown on the front cover) right through to her riding a camel in later life. They are also all titled so anyone reading it in the future will have a chance of working out who is who.

Naturally, as with all things Cherry, the book and photos heavily revolve around her family and each of the Fab Four produced something to add to the book too. Their memories of childhood and growing up.

The thing with this book is that it was only ever produced in paperback. Cherry wanted 20 copies so she had enough to give to each of her children and grandchildren, and that is all. She packaged them in boxes with a copy of the family tree too, which was a lovely touch.

Cherry’s idea was that she had written her part of the story. Her volume as she called it. And in her ideal world her children and grandchildren will eventually add their own volumes to the family history.

Cherry was wonderful to work with as we produced this book and I also got to meet her Fab Four one evening which was a lot of fun.

If you’ve ever thought of writing a memoir or autobiography and want some ideas on how to produce it do get in touch to discuss and I can tell you what’s possible.


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