I was highly delighted to be invited to present a workshop to the monthly meeting of the Needingworth Scribblers. This is a group of enthusiastic writers some of whom I have got to know because there are links between that group and my own, the Huntingdonshire Writers’ Group.

Many members of the Scribblers have novels on the way, or even finished, and they were keen to learn more about how to go about self-publishing their work. So on a rather lovely June evening I arrived at the Needingworth Village Hall and got set up. (Note to self: Remember to take an extension lead next time!)


This group likes to enjoy themselves and an extensive array of refreshments, with plenty of cake, arrived as did about ten Scribblers (I didn’t actually do a head count!)


I had tried to squash my three-hour workshop into about an hour and as the three hours is heaving with information and barely enough time anyway, one hour was never going to cut it. In the end I think I managed it in just under two hours with the questions as well.

I handed out some feedback forms and have received a few back. There will be some further testimonials going up on the website but here are a few of the comments made on the evening.

‘The workshop was very comprehensive and covered all aspects of self-publishing. I found the sections on author biography, and marketing the most helpful as I had not formerly appreciated the role of social media in promoting an author’s work and in engaging the potential readership.’

social media

‘All the marketing information and hints about how to work Amazon keywords, ISBN’s, in fact, everything that you made points on I knew nothing about so I found it enlightening. Especially how to present yourself online to promote your books to the prospective reader group that would never have occurred to me. Particularly like the phrase…Start simple and small…’


‘Building your author platform, has convinced me that I must start to ‘EXIST’ in the social media and that without taking the necessary action I can’t market my work. You have also helped me to understand what action I should take in order to ‘exist’!’


I can’t tell you how much I love seeing people become inspired when they get to see what is possible. When they see that they really can get their work out there finding readers and that they can one day, in the near future, be holding a paperback of their work in their hand. The enthusiasm I get from the audience when I’m running one of these workshops is infectious and encourages comments like…

‘Found the workshop inspirational, after several rejections, I might dust myself off and give it a go…’

What better outcome could I want! 🙂

self publish be happy

I’d like to thank the Scribblers again for their hospitality, for hosting such a fun evening and for all the delicious cake, it was much appreciated. Georgia Rose also thanks you for buying so many copies of her books!

So, if you belong to, or know of a writers’ group who might be interested in hosting a similar event do get in touch to have a chat and we shall see if we can work something out.

Keep calm




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